Press Release
February 23, 2009
Contact:  Juan Pablo Donoso

Grupo Tonelero Andino (GTA), located at ENEA Parque de Negocios in Santiago, recently completed construction on a new warehouse, which doubles their on-site storage capabilities, to support their expanding presence in South America.

The new facility is fully insulated and equipped with humidity control systems.  This allows products to be stored in ideal environmental conditions to preserve the quality of the barrels.

In addition to these advantages, the new warehouse will allow GTA to expand their instock inventory for greater production availablity, faster service and more flexibilty in delivery dates.  "Our goal at GTA is to provide exceptional service to our customers.  This expansion reflects our commitment to the winemakers we partner with,"  stated Juan Pablo Donoso, General Manager.

Grupo Tonelero Andino offers premium French, American and European oak barrels and alternative products with local, professional consultation and on-location service.  The barrel portfolio includes locally made Tonnellerie Quintessence as well as T.W. Boswell and World Cooperage barrels from North America.  GTA distributes evOAK and tru/tan oak alternative products by Oak Solutions Group.

Grupo Tonelero Andino is a subsidiary of Cooperages 1912