Nestled in the heart of Beaune, Tonnellerie Tremeaux is an artisan cooperage anchored in the tradition of the Burgundy region. We patiently craft limited production barrels in our atelier to reflect each wine’s unique beauty.

A premium selection of quality raw materials is of the utmost importance. As specialists recognized for our savoir-faire and the quality of our wood, we only select from the best forests in France to ensure optimal traceability and quality. Once milled, each stave is examined and stacked according to our unique, one-meter cheminée stacking method. This allows our oak to season slowly and naturally with optimal air flow and exposure to the elements.

We have designed our barrels and toasts to respect the wine and aromatic potential of the wood. To select a barrel, the Tremeaux team works with you to learn about your wine and then recommends a barrel that will result in beautiful harmony with the fruit. Through this close collaboration, we craft boutique barrels to honor your winemaking vision.

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